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After 6 years and nearly 2 months, we must surrender our handsome Mr. Riggs. Riggs has been a blessing on so many levels and it is absolutely heart-breaking to have to give him up. However, to protect our precious Amoya from the unknown, we will be sending Riggs to a foster/training home in Maryland, referred to us from his breeder. He will be re-trained, evaluated and placed into a new home (hopefully real soon). We pray that this transition, although very difficult, is as seamless as possible. We also pray for Riggs to receive what he needs from a new owner and vice versa. Please keep us in prayer during this sad time. Thank you.

- The creativity is up to you.
- Complete the whole alphabet for a full body workout:

10 reps, 15 reps or even 20 reps OR you can time yourself, start with :30 and work your way up to 1:00.
- Spell your name, spell 'GOODBYE RIGGS' - or whatever you want!

(Make it full screen!)

Thank you Coach Jenna for being our instructor for this workout!

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